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Average Rating. Charlie Fox novels volume 7. On Shelf. North Regional - Mystery. Place Hold. The driest, most anti-septic crime scene would spread open for her, yielding its secrets. No wonder the cops called her the Blood Whisperer. And then it all went bad. Framed for an ugly murder, Kelly knew the evidence would clear her and then it didn t. After years in prison, Kelly is finally free. Having shot someone in what he believed was self-defense in the chaos of Berlin, Wilderness finds himself locked up with little chance of escape.

But an official pardon through his father-in-law Burne-Jones, a senior agent at MI6, means he is free to go--although forever in Burne-Jones's service. There you were, just minding your own business, and suddenly the earth split beneath your feet. Everything good, everything familiar tumbles around you in busted shards, or it's ash, or is on fire. That's the scene of the earthquake where Charlie's working, helping to dig out the living and ID the dead. For Charlie Fox, New York was supposed to be a fresh start. An ocean away from the brutal memories of her days in Special Forces. A continent gone from the father who turned his back when she needed him most.

She soon discovers, though, that the memories obey no geographic boundaries. And the father? For Charlie Fox, motorcycles have been nothing but good. They ve been a means of escape, a source of power, even sometimes a way to feel tough when real toughness was in short supply. But now they ve turned on her.

A bike accident has claimed one life, and left her best friend for dead. A local gang looks to have downshifted from racing for kicks to something a lot more dangerous. America and Charlie Fox: It's not a good mix.

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Her first trip to the States began with a bratty kid, and went downhill very quickly. This time around the kid is adorable, but Mom is bratty enough for two. The assignment's no fun even the weather's lousy , but Charlie can t walk away.

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Is she frightened for the kid? Yup; there are too damn many guns in the picture.

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You know what the first drop is. It's that moment when your roller-coaster trolley teeters, tips, and starts racing for the bottom. A scream rips the air, and you re the one who's screaming.

To paraphrase Charlie Fox: Welcome to my ride. It should have been an easy one. Charlie Fox was no good at being the nice girl her parents wanted, so she joined Her Majesty's military and acquired a new set of skills. Now she puts them to use teaching self-defense to battered women in a refuge passing on the finer points of roundhouse kicks, running like hell, and breaking a cheekbone when necessary.

No good deed goes unpunished. That's what Charlie Fox discovers when she agrees to dog-sit for a friend, only to find that the friend's housing complex is being terrorized by violent gangs. Desperate and frightened, the residents have hired a freelance security firm, whose bully-boy tactics aren t a whole lot more appealing.

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Who doesn t love a good British boarding-school story? Well, Charlie Fox for starters, especially now that she's been dropped in the middle of one. Einsbaden Manor, snuggled deep in the German countryside, isn t exactly Hogwarts: It specializes in training bodyguards, and it's in Germany because the British government takes a dim view of some of the techniques it teaches.