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NBC Announced Its Streaming Service, 'Peacock,' and Of Course, Twitter's Got Jokes

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But when I heard that Ventiko and Dexter had pulled up in Venice, the one question I wanted to answer was how a woman could develop such a deep emotional bond with a peacock. In , Ventiko was preparing an installation to coincide with Art Basel Miami Beach, an annual international art fair. As she thought about the art crowds that flock to Miami every year, she decided to garnish her piece with birds.

Perusing Craigslist, she discovered an ad for Dexter, and a peahen named Etta. The seller was an attorney in Jupiter, Fla. She crated the pair and hauled them to her installation.

NBC Announced Its Streaming Service, 'Peacock,' and Of Course, Twitter's Got Jokes

When she opened the crate, they promptly took wing. They were inseparable. When the installation came down, Ventiko, who lives in a loft in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn, arranged to have the birds move in with an artist in North Port, Fla.

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Dexter and Etta mated, had four peachicks, then tragedy struck: Etta and the babies were eaten by a predator, and Dexter, in his grief, began to bite. The kind-hearted artist was going to leave him on the side of the road, near some other peacocks. Ventiko intervened.

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She flew Dexter to Brooklyn, via Delta, in a dog kennel. She thought about buying some land for him in the Dominican Republic. Dexter would live out his life in tropical splendor, and Ventiko could come down and surf. But the Dominican Republican prohibits the importation of birds.

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A farming family in rural Long Island offered to take Dexter. He lasted a week and a half.

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He was calm only around Ventiko. My idea: a Road Rules -style spin-off, where stars of each of the franchises drive cross-country in an RV and stop places along the way.

What if they were paired together and drove cross-country, like one of my favorite early reality series, The Real Cannonball Run? Or, what about an all-star trip? Invite all the people who cause the most drama on vacations on a vacation of their own. He has covered reality television for more than 18 years, and created reality blurred in